Agosti Ingranaggi

In 1950, Renato Agosti founded his precision engineering workshop, a factory specialising in the production of gears and industrial applications.

In this business adventure, Agosti brought into play the experience gained as a young man in the engineering industry, working daily for the development of his company to create a competitive company that is a leader in the production of gears and gearboxes, as well as mechanical applications of all kinds.

In 1970, Renato founded Agosti Ingranaggi in which passion, reliability and precision are transmitted from generation to generation: in 1989 Claudio decided to acquire the company, taking over from his uncle who passed away, in 2007 the children, Marco and Daniela ,took over the reins of the company after a long period of training and today they are the ones at the top.

Agosti Ingranaggi

Despite the difficult years for the metalworking industry, the objectives of bringing all the processing steps within the company were achieved, the range of machinery was expanded and constant attention paid to controlling the time and cost of manufacturing.

Quality control equipment was purchased and this certifies product quality.

We are a company specialising in work under contract, our work ranges from simple turning, gear cutting or grinding to the production of finished parts with all stages of manufacturing carried out on our premises:


Thanks to the passion and expertise of the two entrepreneurs, the name of Agosti has become synonymous with continuous innovation policies, with products made using strict production process control and high quality materials. 

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